Stop 7: Sayre Prairie Dog Town

Directions: Return to US 283 North and continue for one mile to Benton Street. Turn right on Benton for about five blocks. The prairie dog town begins on the right side of the road and covers about 80 acres.

This is one of the best prairie dog towns around. Conveniently located at the edge of the city limits, the prairie dogs are fat, tame, and easily viewed. Due to the urban location, the prairie dogs are not hunted and are consequently unafraid of people. Patience and a telephoto lens will garner excellent photos of these fascinating mammals. Scan each mound for Burrowing Owls, and check the skies overhead for raptors that hunt above the dog town. Upland Sandpipers occur on and around the town, and the habitat is an excellent place to look for uncommon sightings such as Sage Thrasher. Although binoculars are a plus, this is an excellent site for those who lack optical equipment-the prairie dogs are abundant and easily viewed.

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