Stop 3: Sam Hagen's Prairie Photography Studio

Directions: Take the Erick exit on I-40 (landmark is the Love's truck stop), go into town and turn right/west at the stoplight. Go west on Old Route 66 to Elm street, turn right/north, and the old North Elm schoolhouse is on the right.

Erick resident Sam Hagen moved the old North Elm Elementary School onto Elm Street, remodeled the interior, landscaped the yard, restored the water cistern, and has created a photo gallery dedicated to preserving the beauty of the prairie. Hagen's artistic eye and love affair with Western Oklahoma shine through in all his photography. Visitors are welcome to come and take pictures, see the interior of the restored prairie schoolhouse, or simply look at the breathtaking photography.

Two excellent photographic sites in the area include:

Plainview School: This abandoned prairie school is a roost for Barn Owls, and can be quite beautiful in mornings and evening light. From US 283 in Sayre, go south for 8 miles, then west on County Road X (also known as Delhi Road) for 4 miles. At four miles make the next left/south turn on County Road 17 and continue south for 7 miles, make a right/west turn on the next unsigned road and continue west for .3 miles. Site is on the right.

Haystack Mountain: This was a well-known landmark for pioneers traveling west, and the hilly area roads provided lots of excitement for early owners of the Ford Model "T," who could only ascend the steep inclines in reverse. From US 283 and OK 152 in Sayre, go 8 miles south on 283 to County Road X (also known as Delhi Road), take X for 4 miles, then turn south/left for 7 miles on County Road 17, then turn east/left for 1 mile, south/right for 1 mile, and east/left for 6 miles. If you're not hopelessly lost, the site is off to the left. Return to Sayre by continuing east for 1 mile, north for 5 miles to the junction of US 283, which goes into Sayre.

After visiting the studio in Erick, visitors should make a beeline for a place they won't soon forget---

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