Stop 28: First Shelter Belt

Directions: From Mangum, go north on Highway 34 for 11 miles, then east for 5 miles, then north 1 mile. The shelter belt is on the east side of the road..

From Granite: Go north on highway 6 5 miles, then west 2 miles, then north 1 mile. The shelter belt is on the east.

This is the first shelter belt ever planted in the U.S. The trees were planted by the Greer County Agricultural Extension Agent in 1938. The concept of planting tree rows as a conservation tool has since become a mainstay of Great Plains states. In addition to reducing evaporation from hot summer winds, shelter belts provide excellent cover for wildlife.

This half-mile stretch of pine, locust, cottonwood, and brush piles makes for a nice walk during the heat of a summer day, and is a good place to look for migrating warblers in spring and fall. Singing Bewick's Wrens, as well as Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, and Yellow Warblers, all occur here.

En route to the shelter belt, take a moment to stop at Lake Creek Church and read the granite monument that pays tribute to the pioneers who settled this part of Western Oklahoma.

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black kettle grassland