Stop 26: Altus-Lugert WMA

Directions: From Granite, go east on Highway 9 approximately 1 ½ miles to the entrance on the north.

The wildlife management area encompasses a variety of habitats that include river frontage along the North Fork of the Red River, lakeshore, sloughs, thickets of cottonwood/hackberry/locust, and shortgrass prairie. Wildlife watching here is more rugged than at Quartz Mountain State Park, where trails are maintained and interpretive tours are available.

In contrast, the Altus-Lugert WMA gives visitors a chance to experience the birds, butterflies, and wildflowers of the area in a quieter, less populated environment. Rattlesnake Cove is an excellent place to look for diamondback rattlesnakes in the morning, before the heat of the day becomes too intense.

Blooming salt cedars in spring along the margins of the lake attract a host of butterflies. Green Herons, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Wild Turkeys, Western Kingbirds, Eastern Kingbirds, Red-tailed Hawks, and mockingbirds abound.

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black kettle grassland