Stop 14: Skipout Lake

Directions: Go 11 miles west of Cheyenne on OK 47. Signed entrance on left.

Skipout Lake has camping, picnic, and RV facilities. Check the trees around the lakeshore for the Osprey that fish in the lake, as well as other raptors that take advantage of the transition zone between lakeshore wooded with willow, hackberry, and cottonwood, and bluestem-dominated grassland. The sandy edges can be good for viewing a variety of butterflies that includedClouded Sulphur, Orange Sulphur, Dainty Sulphur, Red Admiral, and Gray Hairstreak. Migrant wood-warblers may include Orange-crowned Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Yellow Warbler, and Common Yellowthroat. The long lakeshore affords pleasant and leisurely walking, and the infrastructure at the lake means easier access and better roads than some of the National Grassland units. Check the lake in fall, winter, and early spring for wintering and migratory ducks and geese. Great Horned Owl and Western Screech-Owl live in the wooded thickets around the lake.

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