Stop 11: Unit 105, Black Kettle National Grassland

Directions: Return to the intersection of OK 152 and US 283 and go north on 283 for 22.6 miles to Cheyenne. Turn right/east on Frank K. Buster Drive and go 4.2 miles to the signed entrance to Unit 105 on the right. The visitor center for the Black Kettle National Grassland has maps and detailed directions to these and many other portions of the extensive federal holdings. The visitor center is located just west of Cheyenee on OK 47; follow the Alt OK 47 signs to the office.

Early morning prairie vistas en route to this site can be breathtakingly beautiful as the sun breaks through the early morning sky. At dawn and dusk look for porcupines and skunks crossing the road. The prairie has healthy, luxuriant growth of little bluestem, sideoats grama, and willow thickets near the entrance. Leave your vehicle and walk the edge of the willow thickets for phoebes and Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. Morning visits to this and other grassland sites are typically accompanied by the serenades of meadowlarks, and good numbers of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. White-tailed deer can appear anywhere, and the elm thickets on Frank Buster Drive should be checked for woodpeckers. Near the entrance to Unit 105 check the windmill tank and slough for dragonflies. The foundation of a long-abandoned settler's home still remains near the entrance, a relic of the earlier settlement of the plains.

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