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75 miles per hour, a heavy foot, and a straight strip of Interstate go a long way toward obscuring the pleasures and the treasures that make travel worth living. Just off I-40 sits the town of Sayre, which boasts a downtown filled with pretty buildings, a magnificent courthouse, and wildlife wonders smack in the middle of human comings and goings. See the prairie dog town that's right in town or the heron rookery just on the other side of the Interstate. An old-line farming and ranching community, Sayre still holds onto its culture and heritage even as larger communities fling all to the wind in the mad rush to be modern. Stop in Sayre and enjoy the quiet, the lovely downtown, or a stroll along the bridge and enjoy the glorious North Fork of the Red River at sundown--you won't have to paint the town red: the glorious setting sun will do it for you.

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