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The only people who can't find entertainment in Erick are those who have been interred...In addition to the Sandhills Curiosity Shop and the incomparable musico-cultural-c&w experience of Harley and Annabelle Russell, Erick offers access to one of the state's most impressive natural scenes: Sandy Sanders Wildlife Management Area. If you are not an addict of rough country sunrises, a dawn visit to the WMA will hook you for life. Back in town, Erick proudly presents the Roger Miller Museum honoring their favorite son, the late, great Roger Miller, the Bonebrake Historical Hardware Store, and offers what is one of the nation's most interesting trips down old Route 66. Traveling just west of town along the old highway, take time to get out and look at the relic buildings and abandoned service stations that once catered to the flow of Americans crossing the nation west. Unpolished, authentic, and reeking of history, many of these neglected buildings hold a charm and sad gracefulness unmatched by any restoration project. A stunning photo gallery will hold you in town for longer still and a trip to the Redneck Junk Shop may hold you in its thrall forever.

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